Powerhouse Canada Church


May God grant you​r heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed. Ref (Psalms 20:4)


                 The Anointing of The Holy Spirit

Spiritual anointing with the Holy Spirit is conferred upon Christians by God. ( 2 Corinthians 1:21 ) " Anointing "expresses the sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit upon Christians who are priests and kings unto God. The anointing is the presence of God, it is the power of God, and it destroys the yoke of bondage, it sets captives free from sickness, disease, infirmities and from everything that is not of God. Jesus Christ was heavily anointed, the greatest of anointing was on his life when he came as a man to show us how to live, and in the process died for our sins.

The bible says in the book of Acts "How God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power;  how He went about doing good and, in particular, curing all who were harassed and oppressed by [the power of] the devil, for God was with Him." Acts 10:38 AMPC

                                     Davis Q Amanquah

I was Born Again on January 2nd 2005, and have been consistent with God ever since. I served in the Church as an Armor Bearer, as an Elder and finally was ordained as a Prophet of God. I've never wavered in my faith after being born again and return back to the world, and I thank God for that. It's not by my might, nor by my power but by the Spirit of God. I'm glad I'm saved and continuing in the faith with God. Everything I do, I do it on to him.

As a minister of God, I've had many encounters with the Holy Spirit, with the Lord Jesus, and with the Father. God has showed up to me numerous of times, along with his Holy Angels. I am very close to Him now. I believe the whole bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. I plan on serving God for the rest of my life. I plan on blessing as many people as I can with the anointing He has placed on my life for as long as I'm still here. It is a joy and an honor to do what God instructs me to do. I want lives to be changed, and transformed to the glory of God the Father, in the name of Jesus! 


Powerhouse Canada Church

Powerhouse Canada is a church based in Toronto, Canada. It is a Non-denominational/Pentecostal full bible believing church of God. God has raised up this ministry to be a prophetic ministry in these last days, He has placed the Elisha anointing on this ministry, in order to accomplish the task of healing, signs wonders and miracles, and to call forth things that be not as though they were. It is to turn a generation back to him. In 2 Kings 2:9, Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit, that is of his anointing, and Elijah was mandated by God with power to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and to cause those who are rebellious to accept the wisdom of the godly. Luke 1:17. We are here to cause those who are rebellious to accept the wisdom of the godly. 

What we believe

Powerhouse Canada Church believes in one God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) The Holy Trinity, one God three persons (The Godhead). That the God that originated with the Jewish religion is the true and living God, and that same God is the creator of heaven, earth, the entire universe and everything in it. We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Messiah, and that He came to save the whole world. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father. Furthermore, we also believe that one day everyone that has accepted him will be with him in heaven for eternity. 

Our core values

Love -  Love is a fundamental characteristic of who God is, a value that is to describe his children as well.  We love God because He first loved us. Faith - We are faith inspired to serve as Christ would

Hope - The value of hope is confident expectation. It's a firm assurance in God

Respect- A Christian value is to be conscious that God has created all people in his image. As a response we show respect to all.

Our vision

To reach the nations with the love of God, the presence of God and the Glory of God. To witness lives changed and to spread the gospel.

Current events

There are no events currently.

Charity work

Helping individuals and families in need through giving resources and giving monetarily, both in Canada and across the nation.